Friday, November 18, 2011

World Toilet Day: Peace Market Latrines Under Construction!

Latrine at the Peace Market, prior to construction.
What? You didn't know that November 19th is World Toilet Day? I didn't either, until I read Amnesty International's post about "giving a crap for human rights," and immediately thought of Robin Wright and Amani Matabaro. Neither one who approved my using his/her name in conjunction with "crap," but both have given time and money toward making sure the women, men and children who use the Peace Market have a safe and sanitary place to ... well, poop.

It's an unsavory subject, but one that is critical to health and human rights. I never thought I'd be so passionate about the toilet, but lately I can't forget the fact that 2.6 billion people don't have access to basic sanitation. Next time you flush, consider that open defecation leads to outbreaks of cholera, which is a horrifying threat to the lives of children, especially in eastern Congo, where 1 in 4 children who die before their fifth birthday in lose their lives to something entirely preventable – cholera and acute diarrhea.

Check out our Action Kivu blog to learn how important these latrines are, from the people who manage the Peace Market.

Latrines under construction

Cate and I are excited to visit the Peace Market in person later this month to see the completed project, and share more stories with you!

In the meantime, you can support human rights on World Toilet Day by supporting the Water for the World Act.  Take ACTION and sign Amnesty International's petition today

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Six Feet Under: Pay Attention

Everybody dies.  Until you really face the truth of your own mortality, you can't really start to live. ~ Alan Ball, Creator, Six Feet Under.

As Claire embarks on a journey and says her goodbyes, she takes a photo of her family. Nate whispers over her shoulder: "You can't take a picture of this, it's already gone."

If you haven't watched the series from season 1, episode 1, stop NOW, go to Netflix and start watching.  Forewarned about the power of the finale. I watched it alone, so as not to scare my roommate. Through my sobbing and Sia, all I could think was "It goes SO fast."  Be present, and pay attention.