Tuesday, March 23, 2010

World Water Week | Charity: Water and Haiti

Charity: Water — Helping Haiti recover by providing long-term clean water solutions.

As my sister noted, it's so easy to be removed from ongoing solutions and help, but so important to remind each other of the long-term needs.  If you can, donate to this amazing organization - where 100% of your money goes directly to the projects in Haiti.  (Read my post here to learn more about Charity: Water and how they can donate 100%.)

Unshaken - charity: water's campaign for Haiti from charity: water on Vimeo.

"We have no money, but we are ready to give you our courage."

Ufh.  It reminds me of how much good one person can do

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NOT shopping - my love for thrift and Archival Clothing

Those of you who know me and my Saturday habits know how much I love to thrift.  It is, indeed, a verb, when approached in the proper way.  To thrift takes a little time and effort, sorting through the hangers of clothes that you know the resale buyer at the front would never deign to buy from you, but somehow thought it worthy from the quasi-celebrity who dropped off her big brown bag of this season's been-worn-once clothes. 

That is the beauty of living in L.A. — to take advantage of the wealthy who can only wear clothes once before selling them back at Crossroads or Wasteland.

Plus, it's good, clean conscious living.  Check out Archival Clothing:  their New Year's resolutions:

1. Decide that quality matters and pay for it. In the end, it will save you time and money.

2. Before you buy, be selective. Scrutinize items for build quality, fit, finish, functionality and lasting style. If an item is not perfect, catch and release it.

3. Do more with less. Add a few key pieces to your wardrobe and wear them until they dissolve.

4. Shop from yourself and from thrift shops. Repurpose strategic items from the past.

(and more...)

and how to shop one's own wardrobe.

(I love that my father turned me on to this blog.)

(Image: Archival Clothing)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cate & Rebecca Save the World

I'm blogging on another site as well - with my lovely friend Cate - where we hope to document the journey of our plan to save the world!  Or at least contribute our small part to making it a better place. 

As we were walking to brunch to discuss poverty, Congo, Half the Sky, social justice and what we might do, sarcastically we noted our role in it all, "Thank god we're here to save the world."  Quickly followed by the thought, that's not a bad idea.  Especially if there are capes involved.  Check it out. Here.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Holy Basil! Herbs to ditch the stress

After one month of email-heavy work hunched over a desk in a room that turns balmy to arctic in 2.5 seconds, I feel stress.  I feel it in my muscles that were made to move in non-repetitive pattens (is the next step in evolution based on copy and paste?).  And today I read that stress is "taking its toll on my insides as well" — though that seems obvious from this horrific cold my body so gratefully accepted from a co-worker this week.  "The body has two modes: rest and repair, and fight or flight," says Bevin Clare, M.S., in Meghan Rabbitt's article on supplements you need to optimize your health.  "An adaptogen (herb) helps your body switch to the rest and repair mode, which is when your body functions ideally." 

"If you're dealing with cumulative stress, opt for panax ginseng, which helps restore energy and vitality reserves.  If you're dealing with low-grade stress, tulsi (aka holy basil) can help stabilize the release of cortisol, the 'stress hormone.'" Rabbitt reports. ("The Super Six" Natural Health, Feb 2010)

It's Saturday, so I'm off to relieve stress with some yoga and friend time.  Though a fireplace by the bathtub seems like it might help in a pinch.  

(Photo from Apartment Therapy)

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Celebrate International Women's Day: HALF THE SKY on the big screen

Let's go to the movies — Care is teaming with NCM Fathom to present an on-screen experience of the book Half the Sky. Watching what can not exactly be termed a trailer, I'm not sure exactly what we'll see, but book is so moving and inspiring, and I'm half in love with Michael Franti (who is one of the featured artists and musicians) that I'm sure my next post will be "Half the Sky made me cry." And I really hate to rhyme.

More information about the event at Care.org.

Half the Sky is showing at movie theaters around the nation this Thursday (March 4) at 7:30pm local time. Click here to find showtimes in your city. There's even a contest:

"Enter for a chance to win tickets to see CARE Ambassador Michael Franti in Los Angeles and other great prizes."

(And lest you forget why we love Michael Franti - here's a little cheer for your day.)

(Image provided by Care - visit care.org to learn more and help spread the word.)