Saturday, June 21, 2008

'Requiem' / 'Ferris Bueller' mash

Requiem for a day off -- a whole new look at Ferris Bueller. Especially the part with Cameron in the museum.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Power shift in Kosovo

After 9 years of U.N. administration, Kosovo's new constitution went into force today. Russia and Serbia maintain that the region is a province of Serbia, so those omni-present white Toyota Landcruisers will still be on patrol.

That this was not front page news is a relief after the usual inference and expectation of violence to surround any changes made, though security is still high.

Here's a brief video from BBC News ~

And an story from the NY Times.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Every bird should get to fly

From the L.A. Times Funny Pages 2.0

The Washington Lottery gives flightless birds the opportunity to soar...

"The Obama campaign deleted my blog post!"

From David Sarno - web scout-tarian at the L.A. Times:

"A couple of days ago, as part of my experimenting with how political rumors get started online, I created a blog in the community section of, the official campaign web site, and added a post. As background, there have been several dust-ups lately where commentators have--disingenuously, I think--singled out blog entries posted by the Obama site's users and tried to imply that these posts originated with the Obama campaign itself."

Here's what he wrote.

(photo courtesy David Sarno)