Saturday, March 24, 2007

New Book by Anne Lamott

I'm at my favorite cafe/bookstore, indulging in just ONE more essay in Anne Lamott's new book Grace (Eventually) -- Thoughts on Faith.

Here's a bit from the introduction, about her experience reading The Only Dance There Is, by Ram Dass. "This was the day I pecked a hole out of the cocoon and saw the sky of ingredients that would constitute my spiritual path. This was the day I knew the ingredients of the spiritual that would serve me -- love, poetry, prayer, meditation, community. I knew that sex could be as sacred as taking care of the poor. I knew that no one comes holier than anyone else, that nowhere is better than anywhere else. I knew that the resurrection of the mind was possible. I knew that no matter how absurd and ironic it was, acknowledging death and the finite was what gave you life and presence. You might as well make it good. Nature, family, children, cadavers, birth, rivers in which we pee and bathe, splash and flirt and float memorial candles -- in these you would find holiness."