Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Day of Thankfulness in the Present and Expectation in Advent

Silverlake Community Church

I had one of those days - walking my pocket of this world, paying attention to the small details, people's faces, a little girl brushing long hair out of her eyes, two men on a corner talking, a man in the pet shop looking for a special treat for his friend's dog, who would be accompanying that friend on a road trip to her grandfather's funeral, and he wanted to make a travel care package. To the check-out guy talking kitty-love / kitty food, to the fellow TJs shopper, a man who ran after me with my forgotten wallet in hand, to the cab driver who picked my up when I bought too many bulky things at Trader Joes and needed a lift home, who recognized me from an earlier time he'd driven me, and blessed me for the extra tip I gave in the spirit of passing on the love that I hadn't lost my wallet.

I love the simplicity of Silverlake Community Church's nativity scene.  It reminded me that it is Advent Season - a time of waiting with expectation.  Which, as I'm consistently reminding myself to stay in the present moment, is an interesting concept to mull over. How to have hopeful expectation for peace on earth, but remain present and thankful for all there is in the now? The song that started playing in the background of my monkey mind?  "Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me." My thoughts, actions, and reactions are the only things I have actual control over, to choose and be peace.


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