Thursday, May 30, 2013

Women Who Weave - Connect With Congo!

The women at the Mumosho Women’s Center have begun to learn basket weaving.  Depending on the size, they can sell these for 3, 5, 6, or 8 dollars.  A bundle of the colorful cords that are woven into the patterns costs between $50 and $70, used to create approximately 12 large and 2 medium baskets, that sell at $8.00 USD and $5.00 USD, respectively. 

I wish I had one of these for my farmer's market mornings!

Connect with the women in Congo — post a comment or tweet @ActionKivu with your words of support for the women in eastern Congo, weaving their way to empowerment through earning regular income, sending their children to school, and being the change we all want to see in Congo!  Action Kivu will send your thoughts forward, where your words will be printed out and translated, posted in the women's center to encourage the women on their journeys.

To support the weaving women, consider a monthly donation! Every dollar makes a difference in the lives of the women learning to read & write, to sew, to weave, to farm. 


alex said...

Hi Rebecca..Good morning/afternoon/evening/night from India.
How are you? I hope you are fine and enjoying your life. One thing is very true in the all part of world. Women are the bone of society. Even when they are worse affected by any problem. But its also true when women wake, then society and country's luck change. If women are illiterate, then country too.

This picture remind me the women of inida also. Who work hard like Congo women for earning. I was also working for the children and women. But late due to work pressure, i left all social work. Even today i feel bad. I want to do full time social work, but due to service not possible. I feel bad, that just for my bread and butter i am not doing my social duty.

Rebecca Snavely said...

Hi Alex,

Thanks for reading, and for leaving such a thoughtful, honest comment. It means so much that you feel so connected and care so deeply to want to help. It's not always possible to work full-time in humanitarian aid or social work - but your heart and mind and any action taken for human rights is what matters. Continue to educate people and share your passion and feel encouraged that you do.

Alyssa said...

This is cool!