Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween: Something Sexist (Yet Healthy!) This Way Comes

While brainstorming the ridiculousness of slutty Halloween costumes (has sexy Muppet Babies been done?  Is sexy Romney family too soon?) one of our clan came across the sexy hamburger.  As Bitch Media's Kelsey Wallace noted:  "a problem: sexist costumes, as anyone who's been advised to dress like a total slut for Halloween is well aware. Don't get me wrong, I fully condone Halloween hotness for people of all genders, but when the women's sexy hamburger getup (which is sold out, btw) involves a formfitting bandeau and miniskirt and the men's version involves, well, a giant foam hamburger, something sexist this way comes."

The piece goes on to show some options of reverse sexism (Michael Phelps in a form-fitting watermelon dress, anyone?). 

In honor of making the absurd sexy, our resident costume designer, Kari Cassellius designed some inspiration costumes for our group, including one clearly for men.  Behold, the Chipotlegasmic Burrito, the Amsterdam Red Light Beer with Foam Afloat, the Sexy Spaghetti & Meatballs, Skanky Pizza and Slutty Sushi.

Other ideas have been the Sexy Vegan, a Hella-Hot-Dog, and, inspired by the recent rise in love of greens, I may go as Sleazy Kale.  Trick or Vegetable, people.

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