Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Meet Amani Matabaro - Congo Community Leader. Footballer.

My friend Cate and I first met Amani Matabaro via e-mail, after our friend, Kevin Sites, recommended we connect with him to support his work with women and children in eastern Congo. Kevin had worked with Amani as a translator and fixer in eastern Congo in 2005, during one of the many times of conflict and war that have left Congo and its people traumatized. Kevin told us about Amani's gentle spirit with the stories of the women and his passion for peace and the rights of women and children.

Over the past two years working with Amani via Action Kivu, we've experienced just that in his work, the stories and photos he shares, and finally, in person on our visit to Congo in January 2012 and his visit to the U.S. in March. Now you can meet Amani, via this beautiful and powerful video introduction into his life and world, who is doing so much for peace and the rights of women and children in eastern Congo. Thanks to the Enough Project's Raise Hope for Congo for creating the series.

Action Kivu is 100% volunteer in the U.S.  Every dollar you donate goes directly to the work on the ground in Congo and is tax-deductible. Please consider a gift to the women today; the sewing workshops will graduate this month, and we need to provide sewing machines for the women to begin their own businesses. Visit http://actionkivu.org/ to learn more!

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