Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tee time, babies and beer: Things to Do in Portland

I golf. Never thought I'd say that, as I always agreed more with Twain that the game seems "a good walk spoiled." But toss me a glass of wine and a club and suddenly I'm hollering "Four!" to warn the ladies to guard their babies so I can whack my bright blue ball in the general direction of a white flag and hole. 

This Saturday, my sister and her husband suggested we make the most of a Portland day without rain and go golfing at McMenamins Edgefield, just a short drive east of Portland.  Before leaving the city, we stopped for lunch at the food carts on Belmont, choosing pizza (gluten-eater brother-in-law), a Greek salad (sister) and fries (me). Arriving at Edgefield in mid-afternoon sun breaks, we stopped in at the golf shack to sign in for our tee-time and to pick out our clubs and cups of hooch: beer (gluten-imbiber) and wine for my sister and me. Being around the same height and from the same gene-pool, my sister and I figured we could save four bucks and share two clubs.  A bad idea made worse after we polished off that wine and our balls were flying in different directions on the green.

Edgefield's 12-hole course is low-key, as evidenced by the party of twelve or more ahead of us that held up our game. Six golfed while wives and girlfriends coo'd over babies strapped to bellies and sauntered off the hole engrossed in chatter when their group finally moved on.  The only downside to the day, these happy people brought out the worst in me. Their group kept growing and even appeared to be procreating on the course as we paused again for three more women to cross the green, and one called out "you can't make a pregnant woman run!"  Ha ha, she laughed, never apologizing.  Ha ha, I thought as I swung my club in her direction.  Maybe I should have had one more glass of the happy juice.

Heading back into town, we parked at my sister & her man's condo and walked to Olympic Provisions, a local charcuterie. Their sign proclaiming their specialty, MEAT, will scare away any confused vegan who might stumble in.

We ordered a bottle of wine and a couple small plates, one a chef's choice of three kinds of salami that, cross my pig-loving heart, tastes just like butter.  It practically melts in your mouth.  We made an attempt to love our arteries with a plate of beets, carrots, savoy cabbage, horse radish cream, caraway seed.  And under the category a first time for everything, I fought my sister over the last bite of perfectly roasted cauliflower.

A lovely day in Portland, Oregon.  I'm also going to be following these blogs: 365 Things to do in Portland and Things To Do In Portland, to try to find more community fun. 

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