Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Connected: I AM my brother's / sister's keeper

Tom Shadyac, director of Jim Carrey's face in "Ace Ventura" and "Bruce Almighty" went on a life-changing adventure, asking the world's greatest minds "what's wrong with our world and what can we do about it?" What he found out was much more hopeful, that our connectedness is scientific, it's in our DNA. As Desmond Tutu says, "We are because we belong."  (I'm geeking out a little at the opportunity to see and hear more from Desmond Tutu. He has the most peaceful, happy face of anyone I've ever seen.  Except some of those guys in Bhutan where gross national happiness is part of the government's work.)

In King Leopold's Ghost, writer Adam Hochschild quotes Roger Casement's 1892 assessment of the brutality of colonial Africa. "'Altho' the men were their soldiers we all on earth have a commission and a right to defend the weak against the strong, and to protest against brutality in any shape or form.'"

The Congo is still suffering brutality, but in the face of rape, poverty and disease, there is hope in our connectedness. Action Kivu gives you the opportunity to connect directly with the work being done to send orphaned and vulnerable children to school, giving them a sense of family, dignity, pride and excitement about the future. Your donation enables a woman who was a victim of rape or watched her family killed to learn the trade of sewing, to create and be a part of a healing, supportive community.

We're doing a week-long Facebook fundraiser for Action Kivu's work with women and children in the Congo - can you give today?

"We are born to be our brother's keeper. It's the way that we're wired."

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