Thursday, January 27, 2011

Embracing change, saying YES, and what ISN'T working

Living a simple and meditative life, originally uploaded by B℮n.

By acknowledging the existence of what’s not working for us,
we can begin the process of change.

"The hardest thing about saying yes to the universe is that it means accepting everything life puts in front of us. Most of us have a habit of going through our days saying no to the things we don’t like and yes to the things we do, and yet, everything we encounter is our life. We may be afraid that if we say yes to the things we don’t like, we will be stuck with them forever, but really, it is only through acknowledging the existence of what’s not working for us that we can begin the process of change. So saying yes doesn’t mean indiscriminately accepting things that don’t work for us. It means conversing with the universe, and starting the conversation with a very powerful word yes.

"When we say yes to the universe, we enter into a state of trust that whatever our situation is, we can work with it. We express confidence in ourselves, and the universe, and we also express a willingness to learn from whatever comes our way, rather than running and hiding when we don’t like what we see."  ~DailyOm

A born people-pleaser, I may have said yes too frequently in life.  But that yes usually ended in a question mark.  Church lady eyes me, her eyes spinning like a slot machine that lands on double Preacher's Daughter:
Rebecca, will you teach the most difficult. largest and rowdy group of church kids? 
Me: Yes? (Cut to a kid fight with a bible and a little girl with a fresh black eye.)

So for me, learning to say yes to the universe means to do it with confidence, by choice, knowing that I will learn from what comes my way, even when it's painful, or makes me look bad.  Not that I have to say yes to everything.  I'm slowly learning to cut short what ISN'T working for me, and that feels equally empowering.  After another botched attempt at this thing I call dating, I quickly defined what I wasn't willing to put up with, and, as chipper, cheerful and firm as I could be, communicated it to the man in question. And, as my sister reminded me, every time I am clear with what I want, the Universe hears me.

Now I'm trying to get clear on a career.  Hear that Universe?  Writing stories about real people.  My resolution is to get out and get lost more in Portland, to talk to strangers.  To clear my head of society's expectations and enjoy this moment, as this is all I've got.  A clear, blue Portland sky in winter, The Cure on the radio in a warm cafe, a grey cat across the street who's trying to find a way in to the chiropractic clinic. 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog and lovely writing Rebecca.

Keep it up.


Rebecca Snavely said...

Thanks for reading and for the encouragement Ale.