Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Arrive in style

Dammit Chrysler - you got me.  Their new commercial bemoans our general lack of style today, showing images that take you back to the golden age of film stars, well-cut suits, flowing dresses, the days of the Hepburns (Audrey & Katherine).  When did it become acceptable to run to the store in pajama pants?  Why shouldn't you put some thought and creativity into how you present yourself?

I know that we can't all afford designer duds - in fact, I'm the first to argue that our culture is far too focused on appearance, and should put more of our money toward a world where children don't die, daily, from hunger.

But I still love to see people express their personal style, whether it's the perfectly fitted suit (hello Don Draper!) or a combination of colors and thrifted pieces.  Life can be pretty dreary, why not add some color and interest?  Which is why I drool over the street style blog The Sartorialist.  Here are a few of my favorites - showing that Chrysler is wrong.  Some people still know how to arrive in style.

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