Friday, November 19, 2010

Dear Diary: Friday morning at the market as a Turkish tourist

Friday, 10:30 am: Walked to bank to pay KEK (electricity bill) and wire money to my mom to deposit to my bank account.

11:14 am: Practiced ignoring line of 10 + angry Kosovars waiting to wire money.  Composed chapter of how to win friends and influence people in Kosova.

11:15 am: Smiled in response to five dirty looks from people waiting OUTSIDE the bank to wire money.

11:30 am: American friend and I joined a Turkish tour group.  Surrounded and photographed an elderly Albanian man in traditional hat.

11:35 am: Turkish tourists began to suspect they had not seen Sarahann and I on their bus...

11:41 am: "They're probably a Muslim group, going to the mosque to pray." ~ Sarahann

11:42 am: Turned off camera and ditched Turkish tourists outside mosque when they entered to pray.  All about respect.

11:45 am:  Continued on way to the market. Quickly turned on camera and circled back to grab a photo of little man in blue, who saw me coming and picked up his pace.

11:46 am:  Got'im

11:51 am: Made it to the market, yelled at for taking photos. (See earlier entry re: winning friends.)


Paul Leonard said...

Lucky! I'm a big fan of Turks. You'd probably enjoy taking in a few days of exotic Europe in Istanbul before you head home.

Rebecca Snavely said...

Hey Paul - I wish I could visit Turkey. No time / no money. Everyone here raves about their trips there: the places, the food, the people. Sounds lovely.