Friday, August 20, 2010

Illustrations and Sculpture I Love: Lisa Kaser

High Desert Gallery was our fifth art gallery in two blocks, and I was cruising through it. Bright, beautiful oils and watercolors, but nothing caught my eye, until I stopped to peer closer at a wax sculpture titled "She Went As A Pumpkin That Went As A Tree." Fanciful and slightly spooky at once, I was in love. And if I wasn't already planning my "Dooneese" costume for Halloween, I'd start working on the papier mache for a pumpkin that dresses as a tree, though the photo on the website doesn't do it justice.  

I also loved "Delighted by the Wind."

Lisa Kaser is an illustrator / sculpture...ess living in Portland, Oregon. Her illustrations are off beat and magical as well.

"Respite Under a Wild Umbrella" courtesy of Mireio (who has an interview with Lisa Kaser here).

And from Lisa's Etsy shop:

"The Angel of Mercy Moves in Mysterious Ways"


Lisa Kaser said...

Hello Rebecca,

Just wanted to say, it was a nice surprise running across your blog and your very sweet mention of my work. Thank you so much! Hope your costume turns out-all the best, Lisa

Wende said...

I ADORE Lisa's work! I'm so fortunate to have a piece of her work. And someday, I hope to have more. She's a lovely person and it shows in everything she does. :D

Your blog is wonderful! So glad to have found you.

Rebecca Snavely said...


Thank you for commenting! I do love your work. I just moved to Kosovo, where I don't think the Dooneese costume will, ahem, translate well. Someday.

Thanks again for reading, and for adding creativity to the world.


So happy you like the blog, thank you! And so jealous you have a piece of Lisa's work.