Saturday, May 15, 2010


The last few days I've been made aware of how people can react — not respond — but react, in anger, in hostility, without considering the consequences, or how we are all in this together. To react in anger does not encourage dialogue or resolve any issues, it only encourages further reactionary replies.

And my initial response was to react. But little by little, I'm learning to pause, to breathe, to laugh at myself and to remember what I care about. And then to respond calmly, if it is worth responding at all.

Reading Thich Nhat Hanh this morning helps. In Going Home: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers, he writes:

"In Buddhism we speak of the world of phenomena (dharmalakshana). You, me the trees, the birds, squirrels, the creek, the air, the stars are all phenomena. There is a relationship between one phenomenon and another. If we observe things deeply, we will discover that one thing contains all the other things. If you look deeply into a tree, you will discover that a tree is not only a tree. It is also a person. It is a cloud. It is the sunshine. It is the Earth. It is the animals and the minerals. The practice of looking deeply reveals to us that one things is made up of all other things. One thing contains the whole cosmos.

..."One thing contains everything. With the energy of mindfulness, we can see deeply. With the Holy Spirit, we can see deeply. Mindfulness is the energy of the Buddha. The Holy Spirit is the energy of God. They both have the capacity to make us present, fully alive, deeply understanding, and loving. That is why in our daily life, we should live mindfully, we should live with the Holy Spirit so we can live every moment of our daily life deeply. If we do not live each moment deeply, there is no way we can touch the ultimate dimension, the dimension of the noumena."

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