Thursday, February 04, 2010

Tree hugging trespasser

When I posted this photo on facebook, my friend commented on his expression:

"When I started hugging trees, I was angry. But the trees brought me peace."
Apparently he wasn't so far off.  My DailyOM reading this morning describes trees as "among the world's greatest givers. ... Hugging or sitting with your spine against the trunk of any tree can ground your body and inspire a profound closeness with nature as the tree's energy connects to you. Making physical contact with this living thing helps you relax, alleviate stress, and sleep more deeply. Trees can absorb great amounts of energy and have the ability to soak up harmful energy from deep within you. If you are feeling anxious, sad, drained, or tense, try hugging one." (Madisyn Taylor)

If "embrace" is my word for 2010, I think it only fitting that I start loving on trees.  I have some fabulous trees in my neighborhood, including this one.  But it's firmly rooted in a neighbor's yard, also known as private property.  Every time I walk by I dream of climbing this tree.  Do you think they'd object to a hug?

(This is its garden home)

(And its full reach)

My neighborhood is full of great trees, including the iconic palm with a bougainvillea.

(I love the look of the roots, veins of a living, growing tree. This one seems like it deserves a name...I've a bad habit for naming plants, trees, my wok (Joey).) 

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