Friday, February 12, 2010

Paying attention: Rollerblade dancer

Venice Sk8er, originally uploaded by lesandsunnie.

Not your typical horoscope, Daily OM is more of a reminder each day, to stay awake, to pay attention. Reading today's at the end of a Friday:

"The conversations you take part in today may seem more amusing and engaging than usual. You may be more aware of your surroundings, people’s feelings, and worldly matters, and thus able to deftly put your thoughts and feelings into words. Since you are likely feeling alert and energetic, you may derive great pleasure from simply observing the world around you."

My observations from today as my cube-mates and I left the building for lunch: a rollerblading dancer, spinning and twirly and dipping to the sound of his headphones, oblivious to us or the traffic on Santa Monica. As we ate our Tender Greens salads, a dude in short shorts skipped by, kind of jog-skipping, weaving his way along the sidewalk. I think he was even sporting a sweatband. It's good to get outside.


Janelle said...

It sure is--and what a lovely day it was for getting outside.

Rebecca Snavely said...

Didn't you hear? I got a 6-week gig! Posted on facebook to tell everyone - i'll email details. Makes getting outside all the more appreciated.