Friday, February 19, 2010

Free 2 Be Me Dance for kids with Down syndrome

In her March column in O magazine, Martha Beck writes about how to "Go with the Flow," riding the waves of the flood of information. She talks about finding community online, how different her life may have been, had she been able to Google "prenatal diagnosis Down syndrome" when she learned her son was diagnosed with Down syndrome. The third article she found now said, "Advice for women whose baby will be born with Down syndrome often comes from a perspective of misinformation and discouragement rather than celebration." "Celebration!" Beck writes. "A wise, diverse, knowledgeable crowd would've been there—right there!—to counsel and support me better than my friends possibly could."

Free 2 Be Me Dance
class provides exactly that, in person. As their kids learn ballet and boogie to drum beats and pop music, their mothers (mostly) spend the hour talking, sharing stories and ideas and parenting tips. Read the whole story of my visit to the class here.