Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Photos of a rainy day

A tornado warning was just issued for Los Angeles county.  I'm holed up inside listening to the rain and wind, brewing tea and watching Anderson Cooper report from Haiti. 

For some rainy images - check out 13 fabulous rainy photos chosen by blogger Martin Gommel, posted on Digital Photo School.

“rain” from cunyadenki

“Rain in Cracow” from quizz

(See all 13 on DPS)


Anonymous said...

I really like these pics. There is something really great about rainy days. It's like you can stay at home without feeling guilty at all.

Rebecca Snavely said...

Exactly. I've been brewing a lot of tea these last few stormy days. And the sound of rain is so much better from the inside of your home versus the roof of the bus-stop. Though it still sounded pretty great there, too. Rain gives photos a moodiness.