Monday, December 07, 2009

How do you detox?

According to Healing Hands, where I go for great, inexpensive massage therapy and where I entrusted myself for my first ever acupuncture session, "Just by breathing, drinking, and eating the products of a polluted planet, our bodies accumulate positively charged ions, diminishing our health and energy. 

"The Detoxifying Footbath is a specialized detox system which runs negative ions through the body, pulling and attracting the positively charged impurities such as heavy metals, yeast, mucous and more. A footbath provides cellular cleansing, elimination of toxins, balance of meridians, and harmonizing of the body's energy field.  You will be both relaxed and rejuvenated!"


And after ...

Eww.  I've heard the foot pads "as seen on TV" are bunk. What do we think?  Has anyone tried this, or heard from a trusted source? What else explains the swamp water?

In the meantime, I'm going on Wednesday for the tried and true deep tissue massage as a birthday gift from the bestest best friend.  

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