Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I met the Lord God Almighty today

I met the Lord God Almighty
on the corner of Lake and the 210.
He was grizzled and grey and overweight
under his baggy dirty flannel shirt
that filled the air with the smell of his smokes.

This is the magic kingdom he told me
as we watched the cars exit the 210
drivers and passengers sitting
staring straight ahead.

I sent my son down here for awhile
but I was disappointed, he nodded
looking at me sideways.
I know, I nodded,
an eye on the light that would tell me to walk away
but I didn't know.

I had just come from the train
where I saw a woman give up her seat
a young mother and a rowdy boy sat. 
I tried to see the god in him but
he was kicking my bag.

People crammed in a car
sitting next to others
they may not like
but prejudice on trains isn't practical.

A man reaches out to balance the blind man
who had tripped who thanked him but then hollered
Hands off! in self-sufficiency.

Maybe it is the magic kingdom.  My light
changed to walk and my friend sent me on my way
You can call me L.G.A. he said
as I walked in front of the stopped cars,
their windows closed tight against the Lord God Almighty.

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