Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Global community and global issues, through the eyes of women

I recently had a hit on my resume posted on Monster.com. To sell life insurance. Really, Omaha? What about my resume says that I'm a salesperson? Maybe I should list introvert in the about me section, thus ruling out convincing people to buy what they may not want or need.

There should be a term for a job that would drive me to drink (more) and possibly put me in a home, unbalanced and muttering. (Freelance writing?)

I have found, however, when I care about something I am shameless when it comes to promoting it and/or asking for help. World Pulse magazine and PulseWire, its online community, is my new found favorite.

World Pulse was founded by journalist Jensine Larsen, after she realized that "some of the world's most important stories are rarely mentioned in the mass media." The magazine and the online community offer women a voice, to be heard in their own words. PulseWire is hosting My Story: Land, where women from all over the world have the opportunity to write a short piece about what the word "land" means to them. The question sparks stories of war, personal loss, joyful memories mixed with sorrow, protecting the environment, and magical touches of nature. 6-8 stories will be chosen for publication in the Spring 2010 edition of World Pulse Magazine. The top three published stories will receive a $100 honorarium. The submission period ends this Sunday (15th). I've begun reading them and am always touched, informed and challenged by these stories.

PulseWire offers the global community of women (and some men) I was looking for in a blog community. Each profile has a journal for women to write and share their own stories and thoughts and connect to others. There are groups to join to make a deeper connection based on issues or locations.

I'm reminded of the video I posted earlier, in which writer Isabel Allende asks "What is truer than truth? The story."

(Photos from World Pulse)

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