Thursday, October 29, 2009

Would you stay at a haunted hotel?

Fake eyelashes and blue eyeshadow at the ready, a friend growing a moustache to complete his costume, cold nights with the wind beating against the window — it's beginning to look a lot like Halloween!

The blog Paris Hotel Boutique posted photos and stories of "Hauntingly Haunted Hotels & Houses" in California. One of my favorites is San Francisco's Queen Anne Hotel.

I love a tidy ghost: "the hotel is said to be delightfully and benignly haunted by the general's mistress, Mary Lake. Common occurrences include sightings of Mary Lake, unexplained cold spots, and clothes and belongings tidied and hung without explanation."

We filmed a scene of "Legally Blonde 2" at the Ambassador Hotel, where Robert Kennedy was assassinated, rumored to be haunted. Shooting into the night, we did see a light in the wing of the hotel that was supposed to be closed off to any access. Even though I thought it could be a locations guy messing with our crew, I still felt a shiver down my spine.

(Emilio Estevez's film "Bobby" was the last to shoot at The Ambassador — take a look at the film's website to explore the hotel with a computer generated virtual tour.)

I love the photos and stories of the hauntings on Paris Hotel Boutique, see the rest here.

Have you stayed, or would you stay, at a haunted house or hotel?  

(Photo of Queen Anne courtesy Paris Hotel Boutique, Ambassador Hotel courtesy Whit Wagner.)

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