Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Why I Love L.A.: Coloring at the valet and Faces of Hope

I met Ricardo Aguilar outside El Carmen, on 3rd Street, when he asked my friend and I if we wanted to color while we waited for the valet to bring the car.

Ummm... YEAH!?!

Anyone set up on the side of the street, wearing a sombrero and a bandolier bullet belt stocked with crayons must be good people.

Ricardo started Caras of Hope (Faces of Hope) to bring art to the masses, out of the galleries. "Art should be distributed like music. Not via galleries, because there's not enough galleries, the process is not quick enough. The whole world is entitled to see creativity."

It reminds me to create art every day, no matter what that looks like, what form it comes in. Poaching the perfect egg, being present and aware while you eat and wash your dishes can be done in an artful way. Check out other videos on Ricardo's YouTube page.

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Very well said. I enjoyed this post