Sunday, October 25, 2009

Eat, Sleep, Read: Powell's dot com turns 15 (Win free books!)

Powell's Books, my mecca, my home away from home, my favorite book store in the world is celebrating 15 years online, selling new and used books side by side, just like in their fabulous store in Portland, Oregon. To celebrate, they're giving away a prize a day, with a grand prize of $1500 worth of books! The contest lasts til Oct. 30, and you can enter (here) every day.

Have you been to Powell's Books, on Burnside in Portland? It's a city block of books, new and used, with color-coded rooms to guide your way through the maze. My favorite is the blue room, filled with fiction and poetry, though a close second is the purple room, where I can find travel writing and maps of all the far-off places I want to see.

(The blue room, courtesy Alex McMillan, Flickr)

Enter now and every day this week! And if you win, send me a book or two? I'm dying to read the new Alice Munro collection.

What are your must-reads this fall? Your favorite books from the last year?

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