Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stories that shape, change and save you: Alice Munro (online)

I blogged before of how David Sedaris introduced me to Alice Munro and her descriptive, colorful and subtle storytelling. I love discovering a new-to-me writer, knowing I have books upon books to read before I get impatient, demanding writers to manufacture genius to satisfy my literary appetite (when is Jhumpa Lahiri's next book due?).

Munro just published another collection of short stories ("Too Much Happiness"). I can't wait. But if you can't make it to the library or bookstore, some of her stories are online thanks to the New Yorker. The magazine also published "Things You May Not Know About Alice Munro," including : When she’s at the beginning stages of writing a story, she might sit and look out the window for a week, not doing a word of writing, “just letting things get settled in my head.”

It's obvious in her work that Munro mulls over the story, digesting it; read for yourself to sense the depth and connection she feels to character and place.

"Free Radicals"
"The Bear Came Over the Mountain" (Adapted into the film "Away From Her.")

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