Monday, August 31, 2009

Photography I love: Jetty Koloboric

Despite the fact that the classic carnival tune (hear, in high speed - doo doo doo doo-loodle doo doo doo doo...) usually brings to mind my incapacitating fear of clowns, I find myself loving photos of carnivals, first, Tim Irving's "Carousel, 1970," and now Jetty Kolobarić, who has a shop here on Etsy. I love the colors and the aged appearance and the stories that seem hidden inside each shot.


Carnivale 2

Carnivale small set

And the vibrant colors of poppies:

Pink Poppy

Jetty's Etsy profile explains:
I have a variety of tools, I either use separately or combine together.
You will find work produced on film,in that case the films were scanned in a high resolution before digital printing, or work caught with my digital camera.
Ttv’s were made photographing through the viewfinder from my old Anscoflex or Kodak duaflex.

Either way, the outcome is the same. All my prints are archival (Museum standard). It means they last at least a lifetime, since they are printed on premium Hahnemuhle archival artists papers with a thickness of 310 gsm and with archival Epson ultrachrome K3 inks.
I use a professional Epson printer and work in my own studio.

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Janelle said...

As a photo geek myself, I am swooning right now!