Tuesday, August 04, 2009

New blog name - "The Butterfly Effect"

I've long wanted a different title for my blog than my name, though I thought that might be more easily searchable for friends and family. I first learned about the concept of the butterfly effect from Madeleine L'engle (shocking, I know) who used it in a story to illustrate the idea that one small action, such as the flutter of a butterfly's wings, may seem meaningless at the time, but could affect the world. I've blogged before about the symbolism of the butterfly and metamorphosis. More and more I see the interrelatedness of life and think this best explains how important it is that we choose positive responses, even in the smallest moments of life.

In A Stone for a Pillow, L'engle writes:

"In a recent article on astrophysics I came across the beautiful and imaginative concept known as 'the butterfly effect.' If a butterfly winging over the fields around Crosswicks should be hurt, the effect would be felt in galaxies thousands of light years away. The interrelationship of all Creation is sensitive in a way we are just beginning to understand. If a butterfly is hurt, we are hurt. If the bell tolls, it tolls for us."

(Photo courtesy GlossyEye, flickr.com)


Dionne Sincire said...

so apropos. i think this title and concept suits you perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, your new blog name and also the layout are fantastic! I really like this. You have such outstanding content and this new setup fits it so well.

Rebecca Snavely said...

Thanks Dionne!

And Des - Thank you, always, for the lovely comments, and -- I loved that 30 Rock / rip-off of The Muppets post, brilliant. "Tracy and Gonzo act the exact same. And don't tell me you'd be surprised if Tracy started dating a chicken during sweeps."

and the comparisons of the rest of the cast... hilarious.