Thursday, August 20, 2009

House of adventure

I think if I get my dream cottage, I'll name it House of Adventure. The phrase was part of my horoscope for today, and while I don't believe horoscopes foretell the future, I love when they're close to what the day holds, but even more when they poke and prod me to dream, create and plan for adventure.

For fellow Sags out there:

Today's fiery Leo New Moon activates your 9th House of Adventure. This might stimulate your imagination and wanderlust, even if you have set aside your globetrotting desires for a while. Maybe you cannot take enough time from work to go exploring the Amazon or climbing mountains in Tibet, but you can aim high and start visualizing your ideal journey. You could even begin with a course of study about your geographical area of interest. ~ Beliefnet

I'm not globetrotting anytime soon, sadly, but want to look at each day as an adventure. I'm trekking by the metro blue line down to Long Beach (always an adventure) to catch a ride down to Huntington Beach to spend the day with old friends. I'm leaving my dad in L.A. for the day to explore and find his own adventures. The rest of the weekend and week we have chock full of artsy adventures to different museums, the beach, to hike at Griffith.

"Aim high and start visualizing your ideal journey..."

hmmm... that's a good goal. I would really love a round-the-world ticket to explore, well, everywhere. I had a dream that I was back in Kosovo, and I miss my friends there. I never got to the coast of Croatia while I was over there, though I had hoped to visit Dubrovnik, I ran out of money. Guest blogging on The English Muse, Tina Tarnoff posted photos and info about the lighthouses you can stay in on the Croatian coast. Gorgeous. There's so much about the Balkans and the history there, both beautiful and tragic, that keeps drawing me back.

Where would you go on your ideal journey?

(Dubrovnik, Croatia photos from Rafal K photo blog)


Anonymous said...

I'd start off in Casablanca and Marrakesh in Morocco and then end up in Andalusia Spain.

Dionne Sincire said...

I've been drawn to travel the Ivory Coast. A sense of discovering heritage draws me.