Monday, August 17, 2009

Free and car-free in Los Angeles

My dad's coming to town for almost a week before he moves over to Japan. Thankfully, he's used to running for trains in Tokyo, so it won't be such a stretch for him to embrace my car-free life in L.A.

We're on a tight budget as well, so after purchasing Metro week passes for just $17 a piece, we plan to bus and rail it all over town. His request? The Gene Autry Museum, which I must admit, I've never seen. Dad's an artist, so we'll also hit the Getty Center. (Admission is free, but parking has been hiked up from $7 to $15 -- another reason to love the Metro week pass.) I know he'll love the current exhibit -- Capturing Nature's Beauty: Three Centuries of French Landscapes, as well as the one I'm most excited about -- a photograph exhibit titled In Focus: Making a Scene, using darkroom trickery to tell a story.

We both love wandering Griffith Park and the Observatory, and recently my favorite hiking route was reopened post-fire. It still breaks my heart how much damage was done, but there's some surreal beauty in the regrowth next to the burn victims of blackened branches and chalk white remains.

I'll be posting photos and stories of our time walking L.A. Anyone have good suggestions of free events or venues for the next week?

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