Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Etsy finds and favorites

If you don't know this site for handmade, local and vintage finds, you may not want to discover Etsy.com, if you like to save, not spend. But some of the deals are fantastic, which is the very danger of Etsy. You can sign up for daily emails of Etsy finds, chosen by themes, such as Mad Men, travel, vintage and more.


Here are some of my favorites that, in this time of tightening budgets, remain part of my wish list:

I'm loving over-sized accessories -- like this gold beaded butterfly band from byme. I'm tall with a relatively large noggin, but not sure I could pull this off. It's all about wearing it with confidence, right?

Some of the items, like this Raku vase set by artbywinona, have sold out, which makes it so much easier to resist, but fun to plot and plan my dream decor.

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