Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cottage life - porches, flowers, cats and coffee

After a few days of unusual August gloom in L.A. -- cloudy mornings burning off by noon and cool nights -- I feel ready for fall, for sweaters, boots and scarves. Also ready for a change. Even though I'm a city girl, there's a part of me that dreams of living in a cottage in a small town, where my porch is filled with flowers and chairs with plenty of funky tables for cups of coffee. Writing from home, working at a local bookstore.

Through a twisty blog route following a link from one of my favorite blogs - Apartment Therapy San Francisco, I found the Paris Hotel Boutique blog (full of fun ideas) and finally, on the Romantic Homes Magazine site, this list about cottage life.

  1. You may find a pair of shoes in the bread drawer.
  2. Feather dusters are only useful as an accessory with a French maid's costume. Otherwise they are just displacing dust.
  3. You learn to live with less.
  4. The outdoors and indoors are one and the same.
  5. There are certain times of the day when the sun casts its rays on every corner—a perfect time to sweep.
  6. Friends and neighbors will stop by and stay awhile.
  7. The kitchen stove is always being put to use.
  8. Castaways will find a home somewhere.
  9. Neighborhood pets sometimes consider your home their own.
  10. There are no rules for how to grow the perfect garden.
And if there's a way to find this cottage on a lake?

These eclectic patios are more my style - the lanterns, antique birdcage (sans bird, birds and I don't do well in captivity) and mismatched furniture: (

It's fun to dream - but if anyone has tips on how to make this life a reality, I'm open...

(Cottage photo from Susie,, lake photo from Greg Gladman, flickr)

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