Thursday, August 20, 2009

Car-free in L.A.: Gary in Wonderland

Though I have shared the bus with the occasional crazy off his meds (one man smacking his gums in between the repeated chant that he belieeeeeeves that Ruth is the mother of Jesus) I often see the more beautiful side of humanity, the side you don't see if you're alone in your own car.

The DASH Fairfax bus didn't live up to its name today. We waited out a couple of Metro buses before jumping on the shorter, wider bus blasting its a/c. The driver was young and friendly, taking time to talk to people on the curb, helping them with directions. At one stop, an Aussie struggled to find her 25 cent fare while an older lady nearly beaned my dad with her cane as she lurched through the moving bus. Seated safely, the woman dug a quarter out of her coin purse and handed it to the younger woman. Here, she said, I have tons of them. The girl smiled, and awkwardly accepted the gift. If you don't need it, the older woman said, pass it on to someone who does.

Taking a quick tour of Melrose, Fairfax, 3rd, and the giant Alice in Wonderland chair on 6th & La Brea (a mere $799 or best offer!) we made it to Ralphs to buy our Metro weekly passes. My plan fell through (passes are made for Sunday through Saturday -- ONLY -- so we have to return Sunday) but as I'm learning more patience scheduling my life around public transportation, I'm learning to go with the flow. And to pass on that quarter if you don't need it.


Dionne Sincire said...

your experience with the old lady reminds me of a time i got chewed out by an older woman who took offense when i offered her my seat on a busy bus. she nagged at me LOUDLY for just about my whole trip. i apologized profusely for my selfless act, which she mistook as an implication that she was feeble and old. YIKES! too funny, thanks for the laugh.

Sarah Alaoui said...

I love riding public transportation--such a wonderful source of inspiration.

Dagny @ Beautiful Living said...

Hi Rebecca! I'm afraid you entered too late. Thank you so much for commenting though!!! :)