Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jump on the wine-tram! A virtual tour of Benziger's organic vineyards

A large man perched atop a large tractor pulled to a stop just in front of the steps leading to Caroline and Drew's outdoor rehearsal dinner at Benziger Winery. Behind the noisy machine was a tram similar to those that transport you from the outer reaches of the Disneyland parking lot (located somewhere in Michigan) to the gates of the happiest place on earth.

A nice man suggested we get a full glass of wine as we were invited to board the tram to take a tour of the vineyard. "This is the happiest place on earth," I thought, as we clinked our glasses in cheers to wine-trams and chugged through the green hills and ripe vines.

Matt, Brandy and I ride through Benziger

We stopped at a lookout point replete with a mechanized exhibit explaining something about the land -- I don't remember exactly. I was riding the WINE-tram. Thankfully, Benziger's website offers a virtual tour here, explaining the benefits of biodynamic farming. I do recall there was something about using ladybugs instead of pesticides, which seemed fitting in the happiest place on earth.

Jonathan and I in the vineyard glow

View from the tram

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