Sunday, July 12, 2009

charity : water = 100% aid

I blogged before about charity:water as a success story of 100% aid going to the people in need. New York Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof writes more about Scott Harrison's methods here:

"Armed with nothing but a natural gift for promotion, and for wheedling donations from people, Mr. Harrison started his group, called charity: water — and it has been stunningly successful. In three years, he says, his group has raised $10 million (most of that last year alone) from 50,000 individual donors, providing clean water to nearly one million people in Africa and Asia.

The organization now has 11 full-time employees, almost twice as many unpaid interns, and more than half a million followers on Twitter (the United Nations has 3,000). New York City buses were plastered with free banners promoting his message, and Saks Fifth Avenue gave up its store windows to spread Mr. Harrison’s gospel about the need for clean water in Africa. American schools are signing up to raise money to build wells for schools in poor countries. ...

So what's his secret? ...

Mr. Harrison’s underlying idea is that giving should be joyous, an infectious pleasure at the capacity to bring about change."

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(Photo by Esther Havens, courtesy charity:water)

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