Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh the people you'll meet -- tales of public transportation

Giving up my car was the best way for me to stop and pay attention to my day. Here are a few of my fellow Angelenos who were part of my trek to Watts to see Aqeela Sherrills and his gorgeous Watts Arts Gallery.

Sartorial couple in jaunty hats who joined me on my bench outside Starbucks where I waited for the Central bus. He absolutely refused her help with that umbrella.

This is Elijah flashing his best "kid posing for the camera" smile, which was the only moment he stood still. His mom was filling out housing paperwork, having been homeless for a few months. She seemed a little scattered as she bummed a smoke off a passerby, hollered after Elijah as he wandered toward the crosswalk and balanced her other baby in a stroller. The baby kicked at an empty juice carton that looked like it may have just been emptied of fruit punch, thus explaining Elijah's sugar shock.

The bus, generally an uneventful ride, also forced a little closer attention on the crazy lady with the big black bag who kept setting it on the floor and then moving further and further away from it. Making no sudden movements, I shifted to the seat by the back door for easy escape.

Impressed by my bus-riding, the guys from the gallery nonetheless thought it a faster and easier ride if they dropped me at the metro, where I witnessed true bravery on the blue rail: two teachers herding 15 elementary-age kids, identified only by their short stature and bright yellow name tags, on a field trip via public transportation. Give these people a raise.


Dionne Sincire said...

i must say.., you never cease to amaze me. for a non-native, riding public transportation in la is one thing, but taking the RTD to WATTS???? what is the name of that gallery???

Rebecca Snavely said...

Ha -- It's the Watts Arts Gallery -- I linked to it, and my next post is about the founder. Amazing experience.