Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who's your extended family?

After posting "it takes a village," I wondered if any readers have examples of living the extended family lifestyle - whether your collective is kin (the Tennessee in me comes out every now and then) or friends who have become family to you.  I'd love to hear stories and examples of how we can embrace community in our cities and towns.  

A couple of my adopted family.


aurelia said...

I consider Elisa, Carl & Elias like family.

Dionne Sincire said...

i'm trying not to leave a book. i could easily write a manuscript for a comment on this topic. :0)

as a child, the neighborhood was my surrogate family. neighbors were eyes and ears in my parent's absence . back then, there was no such thing as "time-outs", so i could expect to be waylaid by anyone who caught me acting like i had "lost my mind", and at any moment. they centered me.

in high school.., my extended family became my 12th grade english teacher, Mrs. Jane Davis. after my parents divorce, home just wasn't the safety net that i needed. Mrs. Davis started the Healthy Start Program in the district, taught be to be resourceful, and guided me into discovering my teaching potential. she helped me grow arms.

in college throughout my initial professional years, my boss, Mrs. Robin Hartman, became my extended family. she was also a surrogate mother; a well spring of empathy that helped me find my footing in life.

post college, my church network became my extended family. they teach me connectedness and help me absorb the stresses of life. to this day, they are the tendons that help anchor me to God and to life.

Rebecca Snavely said...

Thanks for sharing and always feel free to write more. I think community is something we're all in search of but I always wonder whether it's encouraged enough in our society. More!

The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

When I stop to reflect on this I realize how truly big my family is.
I love what Dionne wrote and how in certain times of her life she could point to "family".
I too feel like I could write a book on this. I have a huge family....all different and from different places.

Growing up as a fatherless latch key kid led me to latch myself onto other families (whether they liked it or not). But they loved me, invited me and took me on their family vacations. Through them I got a glimpse of normality
when I became more involved with church I found a whole new community that cared for me and loved me in such beautiful ways.
In Considering family, so so many faces come to mind. They are my peeps and they are people that I wouldn't want to do life without.