Sunday, May 17, 2009

Walking in L.A. - Sunday farmer's market finds, coffee, Soolip

I love my walkable west hollywood hood.  It's the perfect place for me to ease into life without a car.
Sundays are my favorite, when the parrot in the apartment below squawks that the sun is up and therefore I should be as well.  2 hours, 2 earplugs and a sleeping mask later, I roll out of bed and walk a few blocks to the little farmer's market on Melrose Place, picking up some fresh fruit and flowers (the only things I can afford on that stretch of street).  I walk up to Santa Monica for a Trader Joes hit (gluten-free granola! It's the little things that make celiacs happy).

My friend Katie drives up from Laguna Beach and we stroll a couple blocks to Kings Road for coffee, fruit, yogurt and a veggie burrito.  To walk it off we head west past the monstrosity of the Beverly Center and veer off toward the community garden on San Vicente. If I had time and a green thumb I'd love to think I'm the type of person they're catering to.

After ogling the garden and the gorgeous homes surrounding it, we turn on to Melrose, and stop in at Soolip, a peaceful place filled with unique gift books, journals, cards, ribbons and
 handmade wrapping papers so gorgeous I'd give it as a gift itself.  As Ann Marie wraps the gifts Katie chose for the yogis in her life, they discuss the various paths in Yoga (I never knew that Hatha encompasses all yoga with movement) while I find the one sarcastic gift - a box of thank you notes for the unconscious neighbor, hair stylist or cab driver in your life.  I join the mailing list to learn about summer classes at Soolip -- maybe this will be the year that craft gene kicks in.  

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