Monday, May 11, 2009

More peacocks - running free in L.A.

A couple weeks ago I had a weekend of seeing symbolism and peacocks.  As I researched the symbolism, I read that Flannery O'Connor, one of my favorite authors, raised and wrote about peacocks.  Today a friend posted this L.A. Times story about peafowl running free in the L.A. neighborhood  of Victor Heights:

"But life for the birds is different in Victor Heights. 

Residents in this working-class section of L.A. west of Chinatown treat the peafowl like just another neighbor, albeit a noisy, disruptive and temperamental one. The few thousand humans who live here have grown to accept the birds' 4 a.m. squawking, their trampling of plants and flowers and their oversized eggs occasionally left on porches to hatch. 

"You come to get used to them," said Clay Bush, who moved to Victor Heights in 2000. 

At times, neighbors are acutely aware that the birds live in their midst. To avoid hitting them, drivers make sure to maneuver slowly on the area's steep hills. Children collect their feathers. And almost everyone seems to love watching their bizarre mating dance -- often performed in the middle of the street -- in which a male, feathers fully extended, sashays sideways toward his beloved."  ~ By Cara Mia DiMassa


I found a tattoo site that gives a little more symbolism:  "Sufi legend describes the creation of all living creatures from droplets of sweat from the body of the Peacock. In China, the Peacock represented divinity, rank, power and beauty. It was also reckoned that a woman could get pregnant if a Peacock glanced at her!"  (I'll avoid eye contact.) also gave me a couple of ideas for my tattoo... I like the more spare, black and white ones.  What do you think?

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aurelia said...

I like the black & white ones too. I was surprised to see a peacock at the zoo that wasn't in it's pen, but on top of the roof of it. I get the feeling they're sneaky creatures. I also pay close attention to ideas or symbols that keep coming up - a teacher/mentor recently put it into the following phrases -"hearing echos from the spirit" or "getting a witness" about something. -Elizabeth Swingle