Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Countdown to Africa: Two weeks

Just two weeks and one quick R.E.I. trip for bug spray away from boarding the plane that will take us from Los Angeles to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (via Detroit, Amsterdam and Khartoum Civil, Sudan). I'm thankful for the excitement and mindfulness surrounding this trip, from family, friends and strangers in the Trader Joes' checkout line. It's humbling to see pieces of a dream come together, the opportunity to see a part of life in Africa, to be a part of a documentary team, to share the stories of people and a place through words, music, and picture that come together in the magic of a film.

As we've discussed the short (short!) time we'll be on the ground, we've begun to imagine how the stories may play out. Of course, with documentary filmmaking, part of the fun is not knowing exactly what you're going to capture, what the final story will be. It's a true test of being open to the moment and giving up pre-conceived notions. In light of that, here's a skeletal outline of a story vision, the questions we'd like the film to ask.

Dereje, one of the LIA staff who works with the street kids leaves his own family every week to travel by bus over 130km to the capital, Addis Ababa, to serve these kids with no family. We hope to explore how "family" has different meanings, nuances and frames. What is life like on the streets in the slums for kids? What community do they find, both in the Life in Abundance (LIA) program and outside it, in the city? What do the kids see and hope for for their future? What are the colors in their daily life, what makes up the bright hues and the shades of grey? What is family when you've lost yours?

Keep checking here for updates and photos / stories after we land. If you'd like to help with the cost of making the film and invest in the work being done there through the awareness raised by the film, please click here to donate online. It's tax deductible, and you get your name in the "thank you" credits at the end of the film! I'm still a bit short of the funds for the plane ticket, with any extra money raised going towards a bit of salary to help with rent / food, so if you'd like your donation to go towards my ticket, scroll down to the "You Choose" option and type in: Rebecca Snavely Ethiopia documentary.

Two weeks!


Sue said...

Hey Rebecca.

Just started this blog thing - no claims to be a writer, just friends and family who think I have a semi-interesting life!!

Loved yours - will follow :)


Carrie said...

I am so excited for you guys! Will be praying!