Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I love Lamar ...I mean L.A.!

I am normally not a Lakers fan. Like any well-trained Oregonian, I was brought up to despise them, but give me a courtside seat next to Leonardo DiCaprio and I can turn on the Blazers like the best of them.

When Caroline told me someone had offered her his season tickets, and her fiance couldn't make it, I thought, fun! I played basketball. I like basketball.

We paid the obscene amount to park across from the Staples Center, not realizing the season ticket came with a parking pass.

We glanced at our tickets, we wondered where the 'court' section might be located.

We stood in line with the plebian population to wait for a soda, not realizing that court meant "courtside" and that a lovely lady named Renee was on hand to take our concession stand orders. (Margaritas!)

We paused in honor of Kenny Loggins and the national anthem, then made our way ON TO the court. "We have better seats than Eve," Caroline whispered as we watched the singer walk behind us.

We spotted Jack in his usual place, excited to see his guest was Greg Kinnear, a favorite actor. As the game started and we wished for a ball to fly in our faces, a kid and a man in a hat, baggy jeans and scruffy face sat down next to me. I caught a glimpse and looked at Caroline and just said, "Really?"

Yep. Leo and his slightly obnoxious young pal were next to us. But he paled in comparison with Lamar Odom. Caroline was a fan of Pau, but as soon as I spotted #7, I texted my friend Rachel who LOVES the Lakers and asked if Lamar was a good guy. "Everyone loves Lamar," she texted. Then, knowing my lack of love for the Lakers, "I hate you." And then, "We haven't spotted you yet... run onto the court so we know you're really there."

The thought had crossed our minds.

Even though I'm still recovering from a severe, ugly case of tonsilitis, I couldn't help but cheer every time Lamar made a basket, grabbed a rebound, touched the ball. I may have said "grab him" a little too loudly when he stood not a foot away, taking the ball out.

Though I'll never buy anything in purple, I have to admit, I love Lamar ... I mean, L.A.


Kristi said...

STOP IT RIGHT NOW! SERIOUSLY!!! I am so jealous.

I'm trying to accept the fact that you didn't know who LAmar Odom was, nor where Courtside seats are located, and you were at the game while I watched at home. SO JEALOUS!!!

But I am happy for you. And, I have to agree...I love me some Lamar. And I love me some Lakers. How long have you lived here now? It's time to let go of the Trailblazers....

Dionne Sincire said...

Okay! That is AWESOME! You were near Lamar Odom's sweat!!!! I have dreamt of moments like that!

I have decided to let go of the bitterness...I am a Laker fan...have been since I was nothing more than a quarter pound of poop in my diaper. You are NOT a Laker fan, and you have gotten closer to the court than I EVER have... life is so unfair...but I've let it go...I mean, I will let it go...it's a process...