Friday, February 20, 2009

Katrina doc 'Trouble the Water' wades into Oscars

I had the opportunity to interview the filmmakers behind "Trouble the Water" for a short piece on, and with it, the chance to watch the film. It's great, if you can find a screening in your area, go!

"This needs to be worldwide. 'Cause all the footage I've seen on TV, nobody got what I got."

With Kimberly Roberts' statement, the Oscar-nominated "Trouble the Water" invites us into a shaky cinema verite version of her experience in the middle of Hurricane Katrina, providing an intimate look at the aftermath that we might have missed from national news coverage.


"Strong characters are the strength of any good story," Lessin says. And the best surprise of their journey was meeting Kimberly and Scott Roberts, whose personal transformations throughout the film are the heart of the story and help make sense of the chaos that surrounded Katrina.

Read the whole story here - with a video clip from the film.

(Photo: Kimberly and Scott Roberts, courtesy Zeitgeist Films)

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Anonymous said...

I have comments for so many of your posts but I stopped here because my mother is from New Orleans. This event really was devasting for so many in my extended family. Most of them live in Texas now.

I thought this was such a powerful documentary and it's so cool that you had the opportunity to conduct that interview. I really wish this could have won the Oscar, but unfortunately, "Man on Wire" was in the category this year. That film was also outstanding.

And Sonoma really is beautiful. I've always thought that the SF Bay area is the most beautiful in the country. It's certainly the most European. I've always thought that if a foreigner were visiting the US for the first time and they could only visit three places, then I'd recommend New York, D.C., and San Francisco.