Friday, October 24, 2008

"Thrill the World" -- Why there's hope yet

The fact that millions of people would not only remember, or re-learn the "Thriller" dance, and then go practice it in parks to be part of an around-the-world thriller-thon, gives me hope for our future.

From Hero Complex at the L.A. Times"

"We should have seen this coming after "13 Going on 30" made it somehow cool yet wildly uncool to do the monster mash, Michael Jackson-style. Anyway, this Saturday there will be (ahem) normal people just like you in 96 cities across 13 countries who will do a synchronized public celebration of the 25th anniversary of M.J.'s "Thriller." Here in L.A. the "Thrill the World" dance will be at the Hollywood and Highland courtyard, which assures that anyone who dares to participate will be photographed by thousands of tourists, many from strange foreign lands such as Malaysia and Wisconsin. With the stakes so high, there's rehearsal today at 5 p.m. at Pan Pacific Park in West Hollywood. Or you could re-learn the dance right now right there at your office desk by standing up and following-along to this step-by-step video. ..."


The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

you are going right?

Rebecca Snavely said...

I wish! I'm going to a party, but requested "Thriller" to be on the play list.