Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cheers to Poppy -- my world is getting bigger

I've seen "Happy-Go-Lucky" twice now, taking Caroline along for the second trip. It really did restore my faith in film-making and humanity, and I'll never look at my rear-view mirror the same way again. En-ra-ha.

Sally Hawkins' character Poppy and her best friend / flat-mate Zoe are engaged with the world, teaching their kids at school, taking classes (the flamenco scene is unforgettable) and playing - dancing, pubs, rowing in a lake and trampolining. Caroline was so inspired, we are now signed up for Spanish language classes (beginners, after I realized I couldn't translate my thank you message to Caroline: "Tu eres ... the wind beneath my wings") and are going to attempt a hip-hop dance class next week.

Updates and potential injuries to come.

(Photo courtesy Miramax Films)


Pot Liquor said...

Oh, and please lots and lots of pictures, please! ;)

The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

yay for great movies. I love that not only were you inspired....but you actually took that inspiration and are gonna so somethign with it!

P.S. I want to see some of the hip hop moves!