Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Anne Lamott at Salon.com

Thank God for the elections. I'm always looking for new, fresh-from-her-soul/brilliant mind work from Anne.

"So with all of this going on so close to home, how can we hang on, take care of one another, make a difference, live lives of purpose and dignity and joy -- without losing our minds?"

"I will tell you: Remember the bees, and look up. Don't stare at the bottom of the jar in which you are trapped. Turn off the TV for half an hour, and look up. Don't look at the Wall Street traders in their distressing guise as bees, trapped on the floor of the exchange. They are not prisoners, like the bees; they are volunteers. Instead, look up at your computer and find a good charity site where you can send whatever you can afford. Go to Oxfamusa.com or DoctorsWithoutBorders.com. Send what you can to Planned Parenthood in the name of Sarah Palin. Send what you can to Obama's campaign in a swing county in your nearest swing state. The Republicans are wrong: You don't always lose if you share. You actually get really, really happy."

"No time to cry wolf" is at Salon.com

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The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

Good stuff R. I too love Anne. she's so refreshing.

That picture makes me laugh.