Monday, September 01, 2008


If the documentary 'America the Beautiful' is playing in your area, go see it! It's a compelling story about America's (sometimes deadly) obsession with beauty. After observing a plastic surgery, the documentarian says he went home to call every woman he knows, to tell her she is beautiful, exactly as she is. And then called every man he knows and asked him to tell every woman in his life that she is beautiful, exactly as she is.

How do we define beauty? In one of my favorite scenes, Eve Ensler tells about her travels to Africa, where she met a woman who was absolutely in love with all.. ALL of her body. When Eve complained about parts of her body she was less than thrilled by, the woman pointed to a tree and asked, 'Is that tree beautiful?' Of course. The woman then pointed to a different tree. 'Is that tree any less beautiful because it is different?' ... 'I am a tree. You are a tree. Love your tree!'

You are beautiful. Love your tree!

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Pot Liquor said...

I forwarded the link for the "American the Beautiful" website to the youth and young adult director at my church. I thought that taking the young women to the movie as a kick of to a roundtable discussion on beauty would be a great idea. Sadly, the director of youth and young adult at my church discovered that the last showing of the movie in LA was on the 29th. :(

Please keep me posted if you hear any updates about showings in the LA/ Orange County area tho.