Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lorelei Gilmore at the DNC?

If I can't have Lorelei's fast-talking play-by-play packed with witty cultural references, the next best thing is Amy Sherman-Palladino, creator of "Gilmore Girls" and the voice behind one of my favorite female characters. has Sherman-Palladino guest blogging from the DNC.

From "Thinking Chicks and Michelle Obama"

Women have to put up with "chick lit," which is code for crappy books. (I'm sorry, why is there a separate section for "chick lit"? We can't read something from the grown-up shelves? They think, just 'cause it's summer, women all across the world suddenly lose a chromosome? They lose focus and can't put big words together unless there's a picture of a pink shopping bag on the cover?) Women are constantly underestimated. They are ignored, brushed aside. Presidential candidates tell heinous misogynistic jokes about them to reporters on the campaign bus. Women have to prove every day that they are good enough, smart enough, tough enough, etc. So, with all these weighty thoughts rolling around in my head, I waited with anticipation to hear Michelle Obama's speech.

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