Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Life in the present -- with soundtrack

I took an unexpected lunch hour today, feeling anxious and overwhelmed. My sister talked me down from her house in Portland. I held the cell phone to my ear, anxious to be in the moment, to take in all that was real, now. The construction workers, their rumbling trucks competing with the sound of car horns and the accordion music ... what? Where did she come from?

As we mused on Jesus' and Buddha's teachings about the freedom of living in the moment, a girl sat down a few feet from me, opened a square black case, pulled out a black, shiny, pearly accordion and promptly began to play. My laughter made her pause, was I suddenly in a film scene, replete with soundtrack? but a dollar dropped in her case and the music started again. One of the construction workers stopped by and dropped in a dollar. A man in a suit opened his wallet, pulled out a 20, eyed the girl, then asked his friends if they could break the 20.

Apparently, they could not.

Fully in the moment, I felt a lot lighter and ready to head back to work. My thanks to God, the universe, whatever you call the mix of wonder that led to that moment.

Frederick Buechner's advice to find God? "Pay attention. ... Keep your life open."


Christina said...

Iphone's got nothing on your cell phone! that's a great photo.

and it was great to talk with you -- with soundtrack.

Pot Liquor said...
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Pot Liquor said...

At a quick glance, she kind of looks like America Ferrera.

But on a more serious note, I see an internal struggle coming across in your blogs. I could be so off base, but it appears as though you are so over living up to the "status quo".

I've notice your awakening through the topics you've blogged about recently, and I would like to offer you a word of encouragement.., some morsel that might encourage you to become fully vested.

God is tugging at your heart. He wants you to conquer hills; don't settle for the valley. Trust God, let go of the inhibition--the fear of leaving your comfort zone. God has a great work for you! Be encouraged. Joshua 14:12

paul thomas said...

I just love Mr. Buechner.