Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Donald Miller prays at the DNC

Thanks to my friend Cameron who sent me these links, and who summed it up so well:

"Whether you are a democrat or not, it's great to hear the gospel
addressed in such a public forum and in such a beautiful way."

Addendum: After posting this and then reading some of the comments on the interview in Christianity Today, I started to think about my firm support of the separation of church and state. As much as I appreciate Miller's honest and real prayer, I wonder if the DNC had asked for prayers from any other representatives of the many different faiths free to practice and vote in America?

Here's the YouTube video, and an interview with Miller in Christianity Today.


Jen White said...

Wow...good stuff, very good stuff ;)

Christina said...

i've just spent the last hour (or more) reading the mostly very frightening comments from the readers of the CT blog site. led to an interesting conversation with Robert over dinner. i think the only thing i really want to say about all this is -- Donald Miller is looking very well these days : )

Pot Liquor said...

Amen! I sense that his objective was to deliver a heartfelt prayer. He's not looking for his moment in the spotlight; he's simply a servant of God answer the call of God. Good stuff indeed!