Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Christina and Robert's wedding

Little log church, Yachats, Oregon
Christina and Robert

Photos by Jay Haldor


Jen White said...

so beautiful!!!!
She looks so lovely and so happy.
You clean up nice to snavels:)

JJ said...

You guys both look great in those dresses. Pass on my congrats to the whole family.

Diane Davis said...

Rebecca... I'm going to be in Yachats next Monday! It is Brian's and my favorite place. We rent a house on the beach there once a year for a few days, eat at The Drift Inn, and shop at Rain Dogs. I love that place!

The pictures are fabulous. The bride looks so happy, and you look wonderful too. :)

paul thomas said...

I think I built that church with my Lincoln Logs when I was 6. Good pics and a yummy couple.